A tidbit from a new TheHollywoodReporter article seemingly suggests that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ involvement in the Star Wars franchise, might be strictly in the writing capacity.

Sources say the Thrones pair is writing a treatment for a Star Wars trilogy and is committed to penning at least one of the films (the original deal was to write all three). It’s unclear if the duo, who also have another feature for Fox/Disney carved out, will do more than just write for Star Wars.

There had previous suggestions they would direct features, but after the announcement of their nine-figure deal with Netflix, their role seemingly has changed slightly. Multiple outlets had only talked about writing and producing their Star Wars movies.

Now, this suggests the Game of Thrones duo might only write one Star Wars movie.

There had been some possible comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger that the next Star Wars release date on December 16th, 2022 would be for the Benioff/Weiss movie.


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