At Microsoft’s Xbox E3 conference, a gorgeous trailer was shown by the developer, Bandi Namco. The trailer announced the arrival of the upcoming JRPG from the critically acclaimed Tales series, Tales of Arise.

The trailer revealed beautiful glimpses of the game’s world from threatening beasts to incredible landscapes, all with vibrant colors. While only a brief narration about the world is heard, the trailer presents the diverse open world. Where previous titles in the Tales series have a more cartoonish color palette and design, Tales of Arise has gone to the next level with an updated engine.

The representation of the world matches the aesthetics of any Triple-A title; with cinematic cutscenes dazzling across the screen and combat gameplay being swift and fierce; similar to that of Nier: Automata. Tales of Arise also seems to be following in the footsteps of the last Tales title, Tales of Beresira, with its darker and more serious tone.

Tales of Arise is announced to release on all consoles sometime in 2020.



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