Avengers: Endgame certainly made history last weekend breaking both domestic and international opening records. As the film enters its second weekend we have an idea of what it might end up doing.

BoxOfficePro is now expecting the Avengers film could make around $145-165 million ($152 million) in its second weekend at the domestic box office but are also being bullish with a high-end range of $165-170 million. Then again, even Disney’s estimates last weekend were slightly lower than actuals and movie could end doing much more than what is being predicted.

Currently, the film has earned $1.638 billion and another $150 million would put the tally to $1.788 billion, not including the international numbers for the weekend.

Detective Pikachu is coming next week tracking for an $80+ million domestic opening and is expected to push Avengers: Endgame off a lot of screens overseas and will likely post big numbers internationally, which might explain why Disney was keen on bumping up foreign releases.

Marvel Studios is easily looking at crossing $2 billion for Endgame, how much past that remains to be seen. The competition coming in May likely has more to did with how many screens Endgame will actually keep during the month with large movies being released throughout the month. The more wide releases coming means fewer theaters playing Endgame.

Spider-Man: Far From Home according to Kevin Feige is the final film in Phase 3 and is set to be released on July 2nd.


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