Avengers: Endgame has certainly become a box office juggernaut and today it was cemented by surpassing James Cameron’s Titanic to become the second-biggest film in global box office history earning a stunning $2.188 billion the numbers via BoxOfficeMojo.

The Marvel movie still has some hills to climb to dethrone Avatar for the top spot but it’s hard at the moment to predict how much gas is left in the tank. There is certainly a good chance of it breaking the record if it continues to perform as it has.

It looks like those bullish estimates placing the film’s second domestic weekend in the $170-175 million were off a little, as the new estimates via BoxOfficeMojo suggest that the massive sequel will earn around $145.8 million this weekend. A 60% drop from last weekend’s record-breaking $357 million.

Detective Pikachu opens next weekend and is looking for a possible #1 spot, given previous opening estimates on the high-end at around $80 million.


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