Avengers: Endgame was a box office juggernaut as it toppled Avatar, some of the highlights of the film are the new creature designs from artists like Jerad Marantz. 

Marantz worked on Thanos’ armor, The Children of Thanos, The Outriders, and the Chitauri Gorilla. 

Jerad has now posted some new images of what the Gorilla could have looked unmasked on his official Instagram account.



MARANTZ: “Here’s a look under the helmet of my Chitauri gorilla form the final battle in Avengers: Endgame. It still amazes me, the timeline from when I completed this design to it showing up in the film.”

“As I mentioned before, this was a last-minute design and once it was approved it showed up in the film in a matter of weeks.”

“Anyways, I wanted to show what I did under the helmet. Kind of glad they kept the helmet on in the film. I think I prefer that look.”

Here are some older concept artwork images that Marantz also posted on his Instagram account and his Art Station page. 


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#Chitauri gorilla design for #avengersendgame Funny story, I was in between characters on Spiderman Far from Home and got this assignment. They were rethinking this character/creature in the final battle in #endgame and needed a new design. The prior designs were excellent, but turned out to be too big and so I pitched a big gorilla version on the Chitauri to @ryan_meinerding_art and he told me to go for it. I’m not sure how this guy fits in the alien race, he’s either a less involved version of the #Chitauri or some genetically modified version for battle. Either way, I got it approved in the first pass. It was really exciting to work on #endgame again after so much time had passed. I was also really surprised how many of these guys ended up in the final battle sequence. Great times! #mcu #avengersendgame #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvel #zbrush #keyshot #creaturedesign #alien #aliencreature #conceptart #monster #avengers #childrenofthanos #thanos #themadtitan

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