Hot off the Netflix hit When They See Us, Ava DuVernay continues to tease fans of her highly-anticipated comic book film, DC’s New Gods. She has now revealed that audiences will get familiar with the Furies of Apokolips and their overlord, Darkseid.

For months the acclaimed filmmaker has been teasing fans over her upcoming superhero flick based on the Jack Kirby creation. It’s ramped up recently since she started penning the script with co-writer Tom King, the man behind the award-winning “Mister Miracle” comic series. Now, she has confirmed the fierce military unit that operates under Darkseid, known as the Female Furies, will appear in the upcoming Kirby adaptation.

Although it’s not too surprising the Furies will be appearing due to Big Barda’s presence, it’s reassuring that she is making sure the classic group get some of the spotlight.

In addition to the Furies, she responded to another question during the #AskAva teasing Darkseid’s role in New Gods by using the now-famous quote “Darkseid Is”.

In comic lore, the Female Furies are an all-female military unit lead by Granny Goodness. The group serves as both an elite strike force and honor guard for Darkseid. In the ranks as one of Apokolips’ fiercest warriors is the classic superhero Big Barda. All members were raised in Granny Goodness’ orphanage to be the mightiest fighting unit that was loyal to the Lord of Apokolips until death. Barda eventually joined the good side and fell in love with Mister Miracle.

Ava DuVernay is directing DC’s New Gods and co-writing the script alongside “Mister Miracle” scribe Tom King.


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