It sounds like Keanu Reeves has some competition to be recast as the next Wolverine, as Aquaman star Jason Momoa (Dune, Game of Thrones) has seemingly suggested he’d be down to play Logan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe given the chance.

Momoa briefly revealed this desire when a fan asked him what hypothetical role he’d pick in the MCU during Celebrity Fan Fest 2019 in San Antonio, Texas.

FAN: “I was wondering if you were given the chance, which to play someone in the Marvel Universe Cinematic who would you want to play?”

MOMOA: “Wolverine. Oh, I’d love to play Wolverine.”

HOST: “I think that role is opening up.”

MOMOA: “But yeah, [Hugh Jackman] was phenomenal. I just grew up loving Wolverine.”

You can watch the entire panel from Celebrity Fan Fest thanks to ABC KSAT 12.

Jason is a busy dude lately thanks to the billion-dollar success of the DC Comics film Aquaman. He’s already attached to make a second movie and is currently playing Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. Duncan would be a reoccurring character if Legendary/Waner Bros. pursue further installments, which is apparently their current plan.

Kevin Feige has suggested that the X-Men aren’t part of their five-year plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could give an actor like Momoa time to complete a trilogy of Aquaman films before picking up the claws and cowl.

I’m sure fans will have their opinion given that Hugh Jackman and Jason Momoa are taller than Wolverine is in the comic books, but people overlooked Jackman’s height eventually.

We don’t know for sure when and where we’ll see Wolverine, but the character has been said to be a high-priority at the studio since talk of the merger began.


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