It looks like everyone is piecemealing their own villain rumors for Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman for Warner Bros. as another couple of members of the DC hero’s rogues gallery is being linked for the new reboot. The sheer volume isn’t terribly shocked as Reeves had promised we’d end up a rogues gallery, not just a handful of baddies in the movie that we’re normally accustomed to with the solo movies.

Here is a rundown of the previous rumblings.

  • The Penguin via Variety
  • Catwoman via TheHollywoodReporter
  • The Riddler via Forbes
  • Firefly via GeeksWorldwide

The newest rumbling from DiscussingFilm looks like they’ve got their hands on a further portion of the character breakdowns previously ran by GeeksWorldwide. Their own additions to the group of rogues suggest that Harvey Dent aka Two-Face and the more obscure Batman villain Mad Hatter may appear in the film.

They are eyeing to cast a male in their 30-40s for Two-Face and are eyeing to cast a male in their 40-50s for Mad Hatter. 

They’re also being cautious to mention that these characters could get cut during the development of the film, which is a good call as the script is reportedly still in-flux and is still undergoing polishes.

Whoever lands the Dent role would end up the fourth actor to play the role in live-action films which had Billy Dee Williams in Tim Burton’s Batman, Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever, and Aaron Eckhart in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. William Shatner and others have voiced the character in various animated/video game projects as well.

Harvey Dent has over time become a staple Batman character in the films just like Alfred and Commissioner Gordon.

The bigger question is how will all these villains fit into the narrative of a first installment?

Could we be seeing them already put away in Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Prison?

Will they just have a bunch in various scenes spread throughout the movie or could they team-up against the Batman threatening the criminal empires of Gotham?

Neither Warner Bros. or Matt Reeves have commented/confirmed these roles are being cast or part of the upcoming film, but if casting/character breakdowns are leaking they’ll likely start announcing cast members over the summer.

Filming is expected to begin winter/spring 2020 with Robert Pattinson officially set to play Bruce Wayne/Batman for ever long this new batch of films will go. There had been the previous talk that Matt Reeves is looking to make a Batman trilogy, and Robert likely has signed-on to make those three films.

I’m very optimistic about Reeves getting to make his trilogy but I think DC Comics fans are quickly learning that not every movie is guaranteed to get a sequel or spinoff before we actually see the result of the first release.

Warner Bros. has given The Batman an official release date of June 25th, 2021.


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