In the fall, it was announced by Amazon that they would be renewing their Los Angeles detective drama series Bosch for a sixth season ahead of season five’s premiere.

Bosch is based on the hard-boiled detective novels by author Micheal Connelly, who also produces the show. Veteran character actor Titus Welliver plays the titular homicide detective Harry Bosch.

HN Entertainment has now learned that they hope to get cameras rolling by July in L.A. for a summer/fall shoot for the sixth season.

Amazon seems to be really gung-ho about the series as it might be the only one I watch on a regular basis, there must be a lot of viewers like myself supporting the show. Despite a lot of serial killers, the show does have a grounded approach to crime series, unlike Network shows I’d rather not name.

It likely won’t be ready to be available until 2020.

Detective Harry Bosch returns for a new explosive season. He is assigned a new case that has the city of Los Angeles on a verge of a riot. Bosch finds himself at several crossroads both professionally and personally. He remains relentless in his pursuit of his mother’s killer and will stop anything to pursue justice.



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