In a new post by the official Twitter account of the Lord of The Rings series that will be airing on Amazon’s Prime Video, they hint towards reading the Appendixes A and B. Another less than coy suggestion of what the series will likely be covering after confirming the setting will be taking place in the Second Act, thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of The Ring.

Well, it’s interesting what those Appendixes contain.

  • Appendix A: Annals of the Kings and Rulers
    • I The Númenórean Kings
    • II The House of Eorl
    • III Durin’s Folk
  • Appendix B: The Tale of Years (Chronology of the Westlands)

Númenór was one of the locations revealed on their Second Age map and is currently the banner image on the Twitter account. Elendil, who is seen in the prologue of the battle against Sauron is the ancestor of Aragorn and was born in Númenór, leaving the island for Middle-Earth after Akallabêth, the Fall of The Númenór. There is a good chance we could actually see the fall of this ancient kingdom.

They’ve already teased they could be exploring the forging and exploitation of the Rings of Power by Sauron, so adding something like the Fall of The Númenór could be equally as interesting for fans to see come together.

It’ll be really interesting if they’ll actually tackle the obscure elements of the mythology and fill the gaps with various seasons of the live-action series. I’m super excited to see what direction they ultimately go, but setting the series during the Second Age has been a really smart creative decision on their part.

Production on the series has yet to begin as they still haven’t started casting the show.


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