Amazon has seemingly all but confirmed that their upcoming live-action Lord of The Rings streaming series will indeed be set during the Second Age, which I had assumed since they started posting lines from the rings poem on the official Twitter account for weeks. My assumptions included the series possibly being about Sauron and this will likely be the case as he was around during the Second Age.

The final line confirmed the Second Age setting, which covers almost four thousand years in Middle-Earth along with formation of the Rings of Power, those rings being used against many of the kingdoms as Sauron uses his master ring to destroy those who oppose him leading to a massive battle and Sauron’s ultimate destruction as covered in the opening sequence of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring.

This would debunk fan rumors that the series would be about a young Aragorn, which didn’t make much sense given the scale expected for the series and the money involved with rights/budget.

There is a very good chance we’ll see a series that pits the elves and man against the forces of Sauron, and since the Second Age is boundless for material they could keep a series going for a very long time. A lot of interesting things could be covered multiple seasons with skirmishes and epic battles sprinkled throughout the season.

J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay are currently writing the series but there hasn’t been any official word if Peter Jackson will get involved or actors from the film franchise (some of those who played elves might be able to return such as Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett).

We’ve previously learned that Amazon hopes to film in New Zealand, but during our recent interview with Weta Digital’s Eric Saindon, he hasn’t heard a peep if Weta Digital or Weta Workshop would be getting involved with the new series. The assumption would be that if they were aiming for a shoot in New Zealand the reasons behind that would be to work with Weta on all fronts to keep the consistency intact.

We will certainly keep following any future updates on the series.


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