So much for 20th Century Fox/Disney fast-tracking a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel anytime soon. Our pals DiscussingFilm reports that Robert Rodriguez will next write and direct an original superhero film for Netflix titled We Can Be Heroes.

Robert Rodriguez will write and direct ‘We Can Be Heroes’  for Netflix which will be a new IP from my knowledge and will follow a young girl who is the daughter of a retired superhero who discovers that she has powers and puts together a group of other young heroes to help stop an alien invasion.

They also add that filming could begin as early as this June.

This news is another notch in Netflix’s action movie belt. They recently hired Michael Bay to direct Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground and recently announced that Zack Snyder is returning to the action-horror genre with Army of The Dead.

Alita: Battle Angel had been doing quite well overseas but has been having a tough time at the domestic box office as it currently has a domestic total of $82 million (a little weak for a movie with a budget of $170-200 million). Robert taking a break to make a quick feature film at Netflix would be a good way to get a movie made while Disney is mulling over a sequel.

A release date has yet to be made official by Netflix as the project has yet to be even announced by the streaming service.


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The description of that Netflix movie sounds so fucking cliche, can’t these superhero movies do something new?


Alita is a great movie, and should have a series of movies. This movie has done well enough to warrant another one for sure.