HN Entertainment has confirmed that Alien: Covenant and X-Men: First Class production designer Chris Seagers has joined the production team of the upcoming Apple TV+ WWII series Masters of The Air which has Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks set to produce. 

The two had been behind HBO’s seminal WWII series Band of Brothers and The Pacific. 

Chris Seagers is no stranger to the subject matter as he was an art director on Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan.


He recently worked on the Antoine Fuqua sci-fi actioner Infinite starring Mark Wahlberg (Chris Evans was previously attached) in the lead role and the upcoming Ridley Scott sci-fi streaming series Raised By Wolves which recently moved from TNT to HBO Max. 

Chris at one time had also been working on Ridley Scott’s young Merlin movie for Disney before the director pivoted to The Last Duel for 20th Century Studios. 

HBO seemingly passed on the pricey series which could cost Apple $250 million-plus to make

The show is based on Donald L. Miller’s nonfiction novel Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany, will focus on the war in the air and the U.S. bombers.

Here is a snippet about the book via Simon and Schuster.

Masters of the Air is the deeply personal story of the American bomber boys in World War II who brought the war to Hitler’s doorstep. With the narrative power of fiction, Donald Miller takes you on a harrowing ride through the fire-filled skies over Berlin, Hanover, and Dresden and describes the terrible cost of bombing for the German people.

Fighting at 25,000 feet in thin, freezing air that no warriors had ever encountered before, bomber crews battled new kinds of assaults on body and mind. Air combat was deadly but intermittent: periods of inactivity and anxiety were followed by short bursts of fire and fear. Unlike infantrymen, bomber boys slept on clean sheets, drank beer in local pubs, and danced to the swing music of Glenn Miller’s Air Force band, which toured US air bases in England. But they had a much greater chance of dying than ground soldiers.

The bomber crews were an elite group of warriors who were a microcosm of America—white America, anyway. The actor Jimmy Stewart was a bomber boy, and so was the “King of Hollywood,” Clark Gable. And the air war was filmed by Oscar-winning director William Wyler and covered by reporters like Andy Rooney and Walter Cronkite, all of whom flew combat missions with the men. The Anglo-American bombing campaign against Nazi Germany was the longest military campaign of World War II, a war within a war. Until Allied soldiers crossed into Germany in the final months of the war, it was the only battle fought inside the German homeland.

Masters of the Air is a story of life in wartime England and in the German prison camps, where tens of thousands of airmen spent part of the war. It ends with a vivid description of the grisly hunger marches captured airmen were forced to make near the end of the war through the country their bombs destroyed.

Hiring directors and actors will likely be the next big step. 


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