HN Entertainment has been able to confirm that Disney’s Merlin Saga has added production designer Chris Seagers (X-Men: First Class, Infinite) to the upcoming Ridley Scott fantasy film. Seagers has previously worked with Ridley on Alien: Covenant and his sci-fi TNT series Raised By Wolves.

Merlin Saga focuses on a boy named Emyrs, who will eventually become the legendary Merlin.

There is also an expectation that Scott will also work with longtime cinematographer Dariusz Wolski (The Martian, Prometheus, Alien: Covenant) on the film.

To say I’m excited to see Ridley return to the fantasy genre is an understatement, his last fantasy flick Legend remains up there with The Lord of The Rings trilogy. A lot of the forced perspective techniques from Legend were used in Lord of The Rings.

It’s fitting since Lord of The Rings co-writer Philippa Boyens penned the script based on the novels by T.A Barron.

Last we heard Merlin Saga aka The Lost Years was expected to begin shooting sometime in the fall.

HN posted some character details back in February, which likely means casting has been well underway for a while now.

EMRYS (MALE LEAD 12-15). Caucasian. The boy who would become the legendary wizard Merlin. Emotionally erratic. Eccentric. Prone to wild mood swings. Brilliant. Sometimes, he is calm and controlled, thoughtful, with a hint of mad whimsy. 

BRANWEN (FEMALE LEAD 30-40): Caucasian. Emrys’ mother.

RHIANNON (FEMALE LEAD 12-20): Open to any ethnicity. Seeks Emrys’ assistance in stopping a terrible blight which is now beginning to kill the forest she lives in.

SHIM (MALE LEAD 20-40): Open to any ethnicity. A dwarf-sized giant, befriend Emrys.

RHITA GAWR (FEMALE LEAD 30-50): Open to any ethnicity. An evil spirit who wants to control Fincayra before moving on to Earth. Enemy to Emrys, the film’s villain. 

Disney has yet to given Merlin Saga an official release date.


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