In HN Entertainment’s recent interview with concept artist Carlos Huante, he teased to us that while he wasn’t able to speak about his work on Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5, he alluded it might have been similar to the hybrid work he did on Jurassic Park 4.

While Carlos was tight-lipped concerning Alien 5 details, a piece of Alien 5 concept art by artist Farzad Varahramyan (spotted by AVPGalaxy) has seemingly confirmed the movie would have tinkered with xenomorphs on a genetic level. Farzad posted a piece of concept artwork he did for StudioADI to his Instagram account. StudioADI was working on Alien 5’s creature designs along with a version of the xenomorph with four arms (Blomkamp posted a sculpt on Instagram) that might have been influenced by concept artwork from Carlos that was making its way online last year.

Farzad’s work along with other images would suggest that Weyland-Yuanti were cooking up some xenomorph hybrids during their experiments.

StudioADI’s Alec Gillis confirmed to HN Entertainment recently that Blomkamp was looking to the original Big Chap from Ridley Scott’s Alien for inspiration and had planned on using practical suits on camera for the film.

I’m curious if we’ll end up seeing more of these xenomorph concepts appearing online in the future. Previous concept art posted by Blomkamp had confirmed that Weyland-Yutani had gotten ahold of the derelict ship along with images of Ellen Ripley in some bio-suit based on the tough exoskeleton of the xenomorph.


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