Earlier in the year, the heads of FX and Hulu talked about their future partnership after the Disney/Fox merger that closed back in mid-March. Suggesting that FX shows belong on the streaming platform Hulu (Disney has majority ownership).

And it looks like it’s now official.

Yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed during the company’s earnings call that FX shows after they air on the various FX networks will then exclusively stream at Hulu.

Starting in March Hulu will become the exclusive streaming home for FX programming.

Also, upcoming shows such Alex Garland’s (Dredd, Ex Machina, ) Devs starring Nick Offerman, Cate Blanchett’s Mrs. America, Kate Mara’s A Teacher, and the Jeff Bridges spy-thriller The Old Man have moved from FX to Hulu.

TVLine adds that the new partnership will be called FX on Hulu.

Also, Hulu will now be the exclusive streaming home for more than 40 past and current FX series, and new episodes of most FX shows will be available to stream on Hulu immediately after they air. The partnership, dubbed “FX on Hulu,” will debut in March 2020.

This would likely include series like Fargo, Legion, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, What We Do In The Shadows (season 2 currently filming), and others are heading to Hulu.

Hulu is also expected to take on the Fox library of mature feature films as well to help boost the mature content.


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