During a Q&A session on his Instagram account, writer/director James Gunn has again suggested that Adam Warlock might not be appearing in Guardians of The Galaxy 3 when asked about the character’s casting by a fan.

GUNN: “I never said [Adam Warlock] was in the movie.”

You can check out the exchange below.

Gunn isn’t normally a person that purposefully misleads the fans as he’s been quick to debunk reports about the films in the past such as Captain Marvel being Star-Lord’s father in the last Guardians of The Galaxy installment.

James has revealed in the past that Mantis and Ayesha would have roles in the film along with an assumption from the ending of Avengers: Endgame that Chris Hemsworth’s Thor could be along for the ride as well.

It is slightly odd they wouldn’t use Warlock since he was technically teased at the end of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 with his cocoon, but James has been suggesting that Adam wouldn’t be in the third film whenever the character is brought-up by fans.

I also don’t see him blurting-out who would be in the film given that he won’t even shoot Guardians 3 until he’s completed his work on The Suicide Squad, which is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia.

You never know, a character like Adam Warlock might end up being part of the second wave of Disney+ shows from Marvel Studios.

Marvel Studios/Disney has dated seven untitled movies between 2022-2023, but haven’t revealed which one of those dates is being reserved for Guardians of The Galaxy 3.


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