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Welcome to HN Entertainment! We're a community delivering the best content in pop culture entertainment whether it be news, opinion editorials, reviews, podcasts, & more! We strive for our content to be informative not only on the surface but within the lines via in-depth analysis. HN Entertainment is pop culture annotated.

Our Team

Joshua Baldera


Joshua started HN Entertainment back as a YouTube channel in the early 2010s. Originally just a hobby, it soon grew into a passion with a goal to become the next big player in the entertainment media field. His love for movies grew further while working at a movie theater during his high school years. His interests range from comics to movies to sports. Joshua has a business degree in Strategy, Management, and Operations (B.S.B.A.) from The Catholic University of America.

CJ Paschall


A life-long nerd and movie lover, CJ brings years of journalistic training and experience to the team. CJ aims to increase HN Entertainment's journalistic endeavors and holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Christopher Marc


Hailing from Canada, Christopher Marc has been a writer and blogger in the film/fan community for ten years writing for various outlets and personal websites. Including co-founding film news outlet Omega Underground (now incorporated into Geeks World Wide) and writing bylines for IGN. Christopher has a knack for covering film/television production news. He also has a deep passion for film franchises such as Alien and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yusuf Rowser

Video Editor

Finishing his tenure at The University of Cincinnati, Yusuf hopes to take all he’s learned to become a creative that lives behind the camera for years to come. Yusuf is an avid film pundit, and has a deep love for hip-hop and sports.

Hezekias Berhe

Executive Vice President

Hezekias is a new addition to the HN team. He has close to ten years in the nonprofit and public sectors where he spent time working for the DC Mayor and the White House and has studied politics and business management. An avid reader his love of movies is still growing but he has loved seeing some of his favorite childhood series come to life in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter franchises.

Nicholas Whitcomb

Director of Content & Operations

Nicholas has been part of the Hybrid Network family since 2014. He's always been interested in the entertainment industry, having written various scripts, worked as a production assistant on film sets, and completed a marketing internship for an LA based production company. His interests include graphic design, comics, science fiction, and more. He has a specialty in covering the Alien, Predator, and Starship Troopers franchises.

Skyler Shuler


Skyler has been writing about film for 5 years now. His strengths and knowledge are in the Disney Company and it’s enormous library of past, present, and future film content. His work can also be found over on TheDisInsider.com and ThatHashtagShow.com Skyler is a currently enrolled at LA Film School taking Entertainment Business.

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