A brand-new trailer for Persona 5: The Royal came out earlier this week and YouTuber LettuceSauce was able to upload a version with English subtitles, and it focuses on the team’s newest member, Kasumi Yoshizawa. We only saw minor glimpses of her in an earlier trailer, but this time around, she twirls into center stage as she shows off her All-Out Attack.

The trailer is not all that long, but it gives us a lot in terms of content. As we saw in the previous trailer, Kasumi will become a playable character in the game at some point, but this new trailer shows that we will be able to spend much more time with her outside of the metaverse. The protagonist, Joker, will have the chance to spend time with Kasumi and level up their Confidant meter, granting Joker new perks.

We see Kasumi hanging out with Joker at the batting cages in a humorous moment where she fails to hit the ball twice. Next, we see Kasumi sneaking up behind Joker at a gift shop in an attempt to scare him—which doesn’t work. Later, the two are sharing a meal at a café, hinting that Kasumi could be a romance option later down the road.

The end of the trailer reveals Kasumi awakening her Persona, Cendrillon. Many online have theorized that Cendrillon is a representation of Cinderella by the appearance and the clock centered in Cendrillon’s chest. According to an animated cutscene shown in the previous trailer, Kasumi is known to be a bit of a dancer. The new trailer shows this again at the very end as Kasumi initiates her All-Out Attack that ends with her twirling around the battlefield with a ribbon-wand in her hand; proving that the metaverse is her dancefloor.

Atlus released Persona 5, a JRPG that received many accolades including The Game Award for Best Role-Playing Game back in April 2017. Fast forward two years, and we have the arrival of Persona 5 The Royal. Atlus teased the game in late 2019 and officially announced the game at the end of April of this year, which will release in Japan on Oct 31st and North America in early 2020.


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