Hollywood seems keen on moving from adapting comics to video games as they are attempting to put more resources in the development and execution of them as the list of film projects in development grows every day. Recently, Tomb Raider and Rampage were able to make some money and despite things like Assassin’s Creed flopping studios are still pushing hard to develop new projects.

I’m actually excited to see if Sony can get off its ass and finally pull the trigger with their live-action Metal Gear Solid film. They have Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts attached, who spent the summer posting concept art from artists he commissioned to develop art. Including a couple of people actually working on the project.

As far as we know, nothing has been greenlit as Jordan has recently signed to direct a series based on the novel Console Wars and the status on Metal Gear Solid seems to be a little unknown at the moment. This is likely why Jordan was trying to make waves with his concept artwork to get fans to pressure Sony to move forward with the project.

There is plenty of movies to be made in the Metal Gear franchise with Big Boss and Solid Snake leading them, along with characters like cyborg Raiden that could get their own spin-offs. I feel like if we’re two Call of Duty movies, it’s hard for Sony Pictures to keep sitting on the sidelines.

A Raiden movie could be a badass action-centric cyberpunk movie if handled correctly.


Kojima and Vogt-Roberts seem to be getting along really well and have become friends, Jordan is a massive video game fan and has visited the game studio where Kojima is developing Death Stranding for Playstation.

Death Stranding is an upcoming (what looks to be an open-world sandbox) game that is seemingly infusing science fiction and horror elements into gameplay. It hasn’t been released but you can understand why some might be getting some cinematic vibes from the game trailers.

Kojima has cast Norman Reedus (Blade II, Walking Dead), Lea Seydoux (Spectre), Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange, Casino Royale), and even director Guillermo del Toro to motion-capture and voice characters featured in the game. It does give the impression if Sony game was ever going to be adapted into a feature film that those people would likely get a call to reprise their roles. I’m sure once we actually understand what the story things might start to make sense.

To me, it looks like one part Pitch Black one part The Martian. A sci-fi horror survival film could be an excellent compliant to Metal Gear’s military espionage action film angle.

Potentially combining the two properties could be interesting to see play out. As they’re both Sony properties which could hypothetically mean that the films could be connected in some way and taking place in the same cinematic space. Even if the games aren’t meant to be.


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