During the Disney+ presentation, they have announced that the first 30 seasons of the beloved Fox Television series The Simpsons will be on the service on day one of the launch on November 12th.

Also, prices for the service seem to be reasonable as they’ll be asking for $6.99 (US) per month or for a year subscription at $69.99 (US).

Considering Disney+ is a family streaming service we could see other Fox Television properties like Bob’s Burgers and Futurama also join as well, but unlikely to see more mature stuff like Family Guy make that jump as it’ll likely land on Hulu instead.

Speaking as a long-time Simpsons fan, having access to all the episodes on demand is a dream come true and certainly is a tempting aspect to the service. I’m curious if they’ll end up making Simpsons content for the streaming service down the line or bring back Futurama, the later is a little less likely.

The price point seems to be very reasonable given how much content they’ll have on day one. I’m curious if this will cause a bit of a pricing war between the streaming services down the line if some are trying to keep monthly subscription costs under $10 (US) when Netflix asks for a lot more.


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