CinemaCon is underway in Las Vegas and some post-Disney-Fox merger news has been revealed concerning the future of things like the Alien franchise, which should make fans very very happy.

Various news outlets are attending the event and normally use Twitter to highlight the event’s news as it’s mostly relegated to press and exhibitors. They’ve revealed that 20th Century Fox’s Emma Watts (taking over for Stacey Snider) says they’re still going to make big movies at the studio, highlighting intentions to keep making Alien, Planet of The Apes, Kingsman, and Avatar movies. This should ease tension from fans thinking they’d cancel or Disneyfy the mature properties at Fox, such as Alien.

It’ll be interesting when we’ll hear some concrete news with Alien Day coming later this month, it might be nice to get a movie announcement to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ridley Scott’s original Alien rather just some merchandise news.

Emma Watts didn’t elaborate on what future Alien films could be but she had been tasked to develop ideas with Ridley Scott after Alien: Awakening was placed on hold. They had also been developing Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 as well before that was put on hold to have Scott’s Alien: Covenant made first.

Predator and Die Hard were also spotted in Disney’s presentation sizzle-reel, so I think we can assume those franchises will get some love as well.


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