With the success of the low budget movie, The Joker, DC Entertainment is launching a new line of films under the brand “DC Black.” The focus of this brand is to produce low budget and potentially experimental stories featuring well known characters similar to DC Elseworlds. Likely, due to creative liberties and interesting backstories, another villain will receive a film. So, in today’s feature, we’ll explore which DC Comics villain should get a “DC Black” film in the future. 

Vandal Savage  

The character of Vandal Savage would make an interesting low budget film since his only superhuman abilities are his immortality and healing factor. Since Vandal has been around since the earliest human civilizations, it could make an interesting story taking place in virtually any time period. For the general plot of the story, it would be interesting to see Vandal interacting with ancient societies such as Atlantis or operate under the name of famous historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.  

Besides Wolverine, we haven’t had a movie really showcase a character’s pain and suffering via immortality. The style of this movie could be any historical period, but I’d personally love to see a mystery-style film that shows bits and pieces throughout eras of history. With a character such as The Question investigating him in the modern day, as he’d be the only character crazy enough to piece things together. At the same time, a television series may be better. Each season could explore a new time period making it similar to an anthology series.  

Lex Luthor 

I think a movie focused on Lex Luthor could be an interesting film, if approached as a psychological thriller. Themes in the movie could be power, corruption, and old money vs new money. I would have the main character be Lois Lane, conducting an interview and feature story on Lex who was accused of a major crime, but details are still messy on the truth. This would allow for an easy explanation when rehashing his origin and character details. A similar comic, called Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography (1989), featured a plot with a journalist tasked to write a biography of Lex which exposed secrets previously unknown.  

It would also be interesting if they left things relatively ambiguous, similar to the 2019 movie LuceThat way the audience can judge if what Lex has done is truly evil or simply misunderstood due to his genius. I think another approach with a Lex Luthor film could focus on him after the “Death of Superman.” This way, you can work from the established rivalry of Superman and show Luthor attempting to be a hero in his own way   

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