The Golden Globes wins for Sam Mendes’ war flick 1917 is going to see a bit of a box office boost as pre-weekend tracking has the awards contender heading towards a $30-40 million domestically, with the studio being more tepid with $20 million expectation (via Box Office).

I was able to see 1917 over the holidays and while the film is undeniably gorgeous thanks to Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins (Skyfall, Blade Runner 2049), but my overall experience was average as I was expecting something more on the level of a Saving Private Ryan, given Amblin’s involvement. It’s certainly less cutesy than Steven Spielberg’s War Horse as you get more of an idea what World War I was like for the troops, however, it’s more of an atmospheric ride which is fair given they try to make the film feel like it’s all done in one-shot.

Lead actor George MacKay is going to an actor to keep an eye on.

1917’s opening would finally dethrone Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at the domestic box office as the final act of the Skywalker Saga is expected come in at #2 with $16.8 million and globally is going to cross the billion-dollar mark very soon.

Actress Kristen Stewart is potentially looking at her second studio flop, after Charlie’s Angels failed to turn a profit for Sony Pictures last year, as her bottom of the ocean horror flick Underwater from 20th Century Fox is heading towards a poultry low-end estimate of $5 million and at high-end $10 million.

This isn’t terribly great news for project said to have a budget of $80 million.

There have been mixed reactions to the film from critics but I haven’t anything terribly scathing.

We’ll have to see how this weekend shakes-out when the actual numbers come out on Monday.

The rest of January’s offering might have some similar hiccups as the month is known for a stomping-ground for studio projects that aren’t expected to make a huge amount of money.


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